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A GIF-ted Business

Create Custom GIFs to Stand Out in Your Niche

Share your brand and your sense of fun with your audience through GIFS, to stand out from the crowd and build your community.

Create a Variety of Truly Unique GIFs

Note: This page contains a lot of GIFs. To make this page readable and minimize dizziness, please click on each GIF type below to see them individually. It make take a few seconds to see the entire GIF.

Do you wish your audience could find you more easily so that you can help them?
Are you struggling to differentiate yourself from the competition and make sure your customers remember you?
Do you need to strengthen your brand identity and draw more customers to your business?  

You are not alone.
There is hope.  

 A GIF-ted Business Workshop is the perfect solution for small business owners looking to create a unique and compelling brand identity, reach their target market, and make more informed business decisions.

Imagine if you could attract buyers to your digital business with ease?  

Picture a life where you don’t struggle to be seen in a sea of offers . . .
Where you

  • know how to get your offers to your ideal customer.  
  • use the right strategies and tactics to reach potential clients.  
  • feel excited to connect with new people
  • are rewarded for the time and energy you put into your business
  • are a successful entrepreneur and your dream life of financial freedom is a reality

That’s what it looks like to attract buyers to your digital business and be successful in what you do. You put in the work, now success is yours for the taking!

Why GIFs?

Creating unique, eye-catching, branded GIFs quickly and easily is a great solution for your struggles to be seen in a sea of other offers and to stand out to your potential audience.
GIFs can be super effective at helping you stand out, since they are more eye-catching and memorable than the usual text or images used in marketing and content.

Not only that, but the process of creating GIFs quickly and easily helps businesses save time and money that would have been spent on developing high-quality images from scratch.

GIFs can also be used to tell stories in an engaging and exciting way, helping you to create a unique brand identity that resonates with your market.

This is for you if you are

  • an entrepreneur launching your very first product
  • a seasoned freelancer, looking to scale their current offerings
  • a shop owner (online or brick and mortar) expanding your online presence
  • looking to maximizing your return on social media Investment 

This is not for you if you are

  • terrified of designing, even on Canva
  • outsourcing all your content (send this page to whoever you outsource to)
  • not willing to spend a little more time to create truly eye-catching visuals
  • not the kind of business that GIFs don't appeal to

Create Logo GIFs

Animated Social Media Posts

Demos and Teaching GIFs

Subtle GIFs
(maybe too subtle, keep  looking)

Monty Python Style GIFs

Message GIFs

Button GIFs

In-text GIFS

Specialty GIFs

 Catch the GIF Games

Decision Making GIFs

And More . . .

Are you ready to spice up your business in an eye-catching and unique way?

This is your ticket to creating GIFs that will make you and your business stand out! Get ready to discover just how this magic works and how it will help you differentiate yourself in the market.

Harness the power of motion and color to differentiate your business in the online marketplace. Make your campaigns and communications stand out with custom-made GIFs.
This workshop gives you the tools to express your creativity, showcase your unique brand messages, and engage your audiences with captivating visuals.

Take the guesswork out of GIFs with our video tutorials.
Our step-by-step instructions provide the foundation to create unique and innovative GIFs that bring your brand to life.

With our video tutorials, you will be able to create vibrant and eye-catching GIFs to add more personality to your content and make your ideas stand out.

Our step-by-step, check list type tutorials provide clear instructions to guide you through the process of creating truly fun and unique GIFs.

Templates make it easier than ever to create professional looking GIFs. Just choose from our selection of preconfigured templates, tweak and customize as needed, and get instant, eye-catching results in a fraction of the time.

Combine the unique GIF templates with your images and colours to create scroll stopping visuals in a fraction of the time.

Transform your content into something extraordinary as you learn to create never-before-seen GIFs.

These truly unique GIFs available,  will make you stand out even more and allow you to communicate your ideas more effectively, enhance the look and feel of your copy, and make your products and messaging unforgettable.


Hey folks, it's time for the good stuff! Because I love to sweeten the deal, A GIF-ted Business Workshop, comes with bonuses.
Get ready to be pleasantly surprised!

Got questions? I've got answers.
Ask away inside the workshop and I will get back to you with the answers.

Get the most out of this workshop with implementation sessions.
Our sessions are designed to help you take action. Let me help you get over roadblocks and get things done in bi-monthly implementation sessions. 

As a small business owner, it can be tough to stay on top of everything and the things we mean to do might not get done.
With my follow-up system, you don't have to worry about forgetting to do the things you signed up to do.
I'll nudge you to make sure you take action to get the results you want.

Course Summary

Learn to quickly and easily make GIFs specific to YOUR business with step-by-step instructions, videos, templates and more,
all using tools you probably are already comfortable with.

Deb Putnoi

Highly Recommended. Makes it easy and fun to be consistent and productive. Thank you!!!

Your Single Document System is inspired! I'm going to begin using it and make sense of alllllll the documents I have in Google Drive. Thank you for sharing, Magda

Judith Flowerday

Course Curriculum

With the A GIF-ted Business Workshop, You Will

  • know how to use GIFs to effectively improve your branding and marketing campaigns. 
  • design customized, attention-grabbing GIFs that make a real splash.
  • ensure that your GIFs align with your overall business message. 
  • use GIFs to add life to emails, blogs posts social media and more to form more meaningful connections with your  audience
  • walk away with helpful step-by-step checklist tutorials to follow even when you don't want to watch the videos
  • get templates to craft GIFs fast and simply
  • boost engagement and create more impactful campaigns for your business

A GIF-ted Business

$48 USD

  • The Whole Shebang

    • workshop/recording
    • comprehensive video tutorials
    • step-by-step written instructions
    • templates
    • resources
    • bonuses
Get GIF-ted!