The Distracted Entrepreneur's Toolkit

Simple Google Spreadsheet Tools to Turbocharge Your Productivity

Get all the Google Sheets you need to power through your business!

The toolkit includes
14+ spreadsheet tools.
New Spreadsheets arrive in your dashboard every month to give you time to implement each sheet before another arrives.

These Google Sheets are each at least a $28 value.
Some may be available for individual sale.

Introducing the Distracted Entrepreneur's Toolkit
A powerful combination of Google Sheets to help you power through your business.

I L❤️VE planners and project management systems
They inspire me.
They fill me with hope and excitement.
They empower me and I feel so purposeful after having spent hours or days planning everything out.  

But . . .

once everything is all planned out, that is the end of it.
(If this sounds famiilar, it's because this is what I also say on the info page for "Don't Plan Your Year" and because it's true. )

But planners never work for me. Project Management Systems overwhelm me once they are set up and I go back to my simple and effective Google Sheets.

These are the same sheets I use in my business and while I don't always keep up with them, they are easy to maintain, easy to reset when things go awry and I am not left feeling overwhelmed with all the past dues tasks and all the notifications on what I should be doing now or what I should have done last week or last month or . . .  (you get the picture).

What is the point of setting up beautiful planners or intricate project management systems if you  you aren’t going to follow through?

What can you expect?

  • Improve productivity: The toolkit provides a centralized platform to manage all the aspects of your business, helping you to stay organized and focused on your goals.
  • Streamline business operations: With the toolkit, you can easily track your products, sales, requirements, purchase, data, finances, inventory, content and more, making it easier to do your tasks, make informed decisions and streamline your business.
  • Increase efficiency: The toolkit is you business hub, open it up and work your way through your day from right with in the toolkit.
  • Stay on top of all the things: All the areas of your business you need to deal with are clearly shown without all the details overwhelming you. When you are ready to tackling something just pick and get started.
  • Easy to get to work with a familiar tool that is most likely already open on your screen.

Your Single Document System is inspired! I'm going to begin using it and make sense of alllllll the documents I have in Google Drive. Thank you for sharing, Magda

Judith Flowerday

Imagine  . . . 

Instead of  . . .

  • Spending tons of time every day searching for links, descriptions, figures, tools, courses, etc.
  • Trying to figure out what to work on next, you hunt down everything you need and are almost out of time by the time you are actually ready work.

You will

  • Have all your links, descriptions, figures, tools, courses, etc. are at your fingertips. 
  • Open your toolkit and everything is just a tab or a click away. You can sit down and start working!

Deb Putnoi

Highly Recommended. Makes it easy and fun to be consistent and productive. Thank you!!!

What's Included?

  • Google Sheet Workbooks for various aspects of your business
  • Data you need, even if you don't know you need them
  • Easy-to-understand formats and guidelines     
  • Customizable fields to fit your specific needs     
  • Real-time collaboration for your team   
  • Automated calculations to save you time and reduce errors
  • Video Walkthroughs
  •  Q&A 

What Spreadsheets will I Get?

Fun, Visual, Silent Timer: Sometimes, a timer that makes sound is either distracting or intrusive. This simple spreadsheet timer turns a bright fuschia (though you can pick your own colour) when the timer ends. 

Brain Dump all your tasks and let this spreadsheet lay them out for you and show you what you should be focusing on today, tomorrow, next week, and beyond

Get the Most Out of Your Purchases (Investments): It is so tempting to buy all the things. And sometimes we buy great offers, only to forget about them and have them sit on a digital shelf not doing anything for us. Get the most out of your investments by having an organized place for all your purchases for your business.

Have Your Product Info at Your Fingertips: You know everything you have for sale in your business, right?  Or do you.  This Spreadsheet/Workbook is where you will keep all the pertinent information about your products and offers. All of them. This is your one-stop-shop when you are setting up a product, planning a sale, Checking up on order bumps, upsells and all the things. 

Fun Sales Tracker to Show You Exactly What Sells and When 

Let's Get Real: Easily figure out what you can expect to make with the product mix you have.  Once you know that, you can start figuring out what you need to change to realistically make what you want to make. 

Track All Your Affiliate Links and Sales (Affiliate sales for your products are included in the 💰Sales Tracker )

Get All Your Marketing Content Planned Out:  Plan out your pillar content, emails and social media in a flexible and simple way. 

Feel Accomplished and Make Progress: Instead of always working and never feeling like you accomplish anything, decide to finish one deliverable thing every day. You will immediately be and feel more productive.

Track Your Cooperative Collaborations, Opportunities and Commitments: Bundles and Summits and Affiliates oh my! There are so many amazing cooperation opportunities for business owners. This is where you track them all. The collabortions you are interested in, you've applied for or that you are participating in. All the info at your fingertips!

Simple, Easy Financial Tracking:  Finances are not everybody's favourite thing to do. Make it simpler, easier and a bit more fun with the 💲Financial Tracker. 

Handy Place to Track Your Legal Information

Automations are so helpful to your business, but only if you know what they are, what they are for and where they are. This spreadsheet will keep all that information in one, easy to find place.

Track All the Lovely Things People Say About You and Your Business

Sometimes you have issues with your tech. It happens. Sometimes you have questions only support can answer. This spreadsheet will help you keep track of your support tickets and their resolution. It makes it easy to stay on top of issues and to refer back to helpful information when you get it.

A Table of Contents and Overview for Your Business: This is the where all the other spreadsheet come together. Open this spreadsheet every day and get to work, navigating to all the parts of your business with a few clicks. 

Get the Sheets

$128 USD

  • Sheets to Simplify Your Business

I Want Them!

Why did I create this toolkit?

These are Google Sheets that I use all the time in my business (only made much prettier for you)

This, like all my products, details may change and evolve to continue to best meet your needs.