Don't Plan Your Year!

Flexibility and Growth without the guilt that comes with planning

Join me for this quick, 40 minute workshop  will help you set up your year without planning your year!

If you already follow through on your annual planning,
 You don't need this workshop.
Instead of reading this page, act on your plan 
while listening to this video.  ⇨

If however, you have difficulty following through on those lovely annual planning sessions,
you might want to keep reading.
(It’s OK, you can leave the video playing while you read.) 

I L❤️VE creating annual plans, 90-day plans and so on.
They are fun to create and look so beautiful when completed.

They inspire me.
They fill me with hope and excitement.
They empower me and I feel so purposeful after having spent hours or days planning everything out.  

But . . .

once everything is all planned out, that is the end of it.

I don’t go back and actually follow through.
I may occasionally come across my lovely annual plan and rather than filling me with purpose and inspiration, it fills me with guilt and dread 🙀.  

Yikes. That’s not supposed to happen!  

What is the point of planning if you aren’t going to follow through?
Maybe it is better not to plan at all. 

But if you don't plan

  • How are you going to achieve your goals?  
  • How are you going to systematically grow and create a business that is successful and fulfilling? 
  • How are you going to make progress instead of just doing busy work and putting out fires every day?

The “Don’t Plan Your Year” workshop answers those questions and more. 

Even with the best of intentions and with putting in tons of time into your business,
you'll likely spend too much time perfecting your assets,
working IN your business instead of ON your business and
doing all the urgent tasks rather than making progress on the important ones.

You will likely work hard, but still not have the success you want and deserve.

So, if planning is not effective and yet not planning doesn't give you the results you need,
what do you do instead?

You put strategies and options in place to set yourself up for success
without actually planning out your year or quarter or whatever.
And THAT is what the Don't Plan Your Year workshop is all about

By the end of the workshop you will have resources
to have a flexible plan of action without "planning your year".  

You won't

  • Spend hours or days creating a beautiful, organized plan you will never follow. 
  • Have an “inspiring” annual plan hanging on your wall that makes you feel guilty every time you look at it.

You will

  • Have simple action task lists to refer to whenever you need to take a next step. (You can make them pretty and hang those on your wall if you like). 
  • Make progress whenever you need to. 
  • Be guilt-free because follow through is no longer an issue.
  • Be able to pick up from wherever you are when you stumble, so you can keep making progress.  

Deb Putnoi

Highly Recommended. Makes it easy and fun to be consistent and productive. Thank you!!!

Instead of planning your year,
you will have a series of actions to take each day or week that
will ensure you move your business forward strategically,
without having to feel the guilt and disappointment of not following through on your annual plan.  

When you stumble and totally get off track, no problem. Just reset and start taking the actions whenever and wherever you happen to be.    
  • No guilt. 
  • No disappointment.   
  • Just progress.

Your Single Document System is inspired! I'm going to begin using it and make sense of alllllll the documents I have in Google Drive. Thank you for sharing, Magda

Judith Flowerday

What's Included?

  • A live workshop to teach you the Don't Plan Your Year Action Plan on setting up your year, without planning your year. 
  •  Q&A - submit your questions ahead of time or live on the end of the workshop. 
  • A spreadsheet / tracker with actions to take each day, week, month.
  • Sign up for the workshop below
  • Add the date to your calendar.  If you can't make it live, no worries.
  • Read the welcome email. 
  • Show up, watch and listen, ask questions (and yes, of course you get access to the recording).  
  • Take action every day.
  • When you stumble (and you probably will, it's OK), just take action as soon as you can!

How do I prepare?

Don't Plan Your Year

$28 USD

  • Flexibility and growth for the distracted entrepreneur.

I want this!

Hi, I'm Magda! Coworking Cooperative

Why did I create this workshop?

I have always loved to plan, but struggled and failed to follow through. That left me feeling guilty, incompetent and full of self-loathing. Not a fun way to live.
Planning in smaller chunks helped, but I still didn't follow through.
When I stopped planning my year or my next 90 days, and instead focused on setting up my work so that I could make progress, even without a plan, things started moving forward more quickly. Those horrible feelings surfaced less and less because I was no longer "not following though." Instead, I was just moving forward.