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Get all your vital information where it needs to be to make an impact!

One of the hardest things about Reels is knowing exactly where to put everything.  
If you put your important information too high or too low, no one will see it.  
If you ask your  audience to act, they may not be sure where to do that.  
This template gives you everything you need.    

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  • These resources will help make your Reels and other short videos, "reelly" great.

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Magda Therrien

I am Magda and have been easily distracted all my life, which has lead me to find ways to be productive despite the distraction. 
Mix that with some sound pedagogy (a BA in Psychology, BEd, and an MA in Education), a lot of research and some of my own tweaks and creativity and you've got a recipe for fun and productivity, both essential ingredients for success.

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