Self-Care Virtual Card Deck

Miniature Self-Care for Busy, Distracted Entrepreneurs

60 quick and easy self-care ideas even you can fit into your life.

The Daily Card Deck
for Distracted Entrepreneurs

Do you put off self-care because you
don't have the time​?​​​

  • Are you always working?
  • Do you find it hard to take time for yourself?
  • Do you put off self-care because you don't have time for a spa day or even for reading a book?
  • Do you find the increasing demands on your time overwhelming?

What if there was a resource full of tiny, doable self-care actions for even the busiest entrepreneur . . . 

Imagine if, as a busy entrepreneur, you could fit in a bit of self-care every day.
As the day unfolds, you find pockets of time to indulge in self-care activities that bring you joy. Maybe it's taking a break to go for a walk in nature, feeling the sunshine on your face and the wind in your hair. Or perhaps you carve out time to be energized by your favourite song.

 With each act of self-care, you feel a sense of calm and balance that carries you through the busyness of your day, helping you make better decisions and be more productive.  
This can be possible in your life if you prioritize tiny pockets of self-care daily.

It's not about adding more to your already jam-packed schedule, but rather carving out moments of intention and self-compassion.
By taking care of yourself, you are not only nurturing your own well-being but also enhancing your ability to thrive as an entrepreneur.

So, go ahead, take that first step towards a life filled with self-care, and watch as it transforms your entire world. You deserve it!

The Possibilities

  • Reduce stress and anxiety levels throughout the day. 
  • Improve focus and productivity by taking short self-care breaks. 
  • Incorporate more self-care activities into their daily routine.
  • Find quick and effective self-care strategies that can be done anywhere.  
  • Cultivate a healthier work-life balance by prioritizing self-care. 
  • Increase overall well-being and happiness by practicing regular self-care habits in tiny pockets.

What you get with the

Self-care Virtual Card Deck

  • Anytime, anywhere, tiny self-care actions.
  • 60 different tiny self-care actions 
  • Self-shuffling deck so you can be guided by your intuition to choose the card you need.
  • Static deck so you can go through the actions systematically.
  • Fun, interactive virtual card deck
  • Downloadable and printable (if you like) "Self-care Journal and Tracker" to reflect more deeply on what you need to hear
  • Ongoing access for the lifetime of the product

So many tiny self-care actions for such a tiny price!

Self-Care Virtual Card Deck

$8 USD

  • Access the full deck anywhere, anytime!

Deal me in !

Magda Therrien

I am Magda and have been easily distracted all my life, which has lead me to find ways to be productive despite the distraction. 
Mix that with some sound pedagogy (a BA in Psychology, BEd, and an MA in Education), a lot of research and some of my own tweaks and creativity and you've got a recipe for fun and productivity, both essential ingredients for success.